Woman Kenya Network (WOKN) is a distinguished company committed to advancing gender equality and promoting the equitable participation of women and girls in society. Launched in 2018, WOKN has grown in leaps and bounds to become an award-winning platform and the trusted voice for women and girls. WOKN is a fully-fledged digital media platform with a vibrant social media presence on Facebook, X, LinkedIn and TikTok.


Our website has become a trusted source for current affairs news and a reliable source of information on gender-sensitive content covering diverse thematic areas including Politics, Climate, Peace and Security, Gender Justice, Health, Economic Empowerment, and SRHR as guided by SDG 5: Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.  

We use the media to advocate for gender equality, promote just portrayal, and amplify women’s voices in society. The network ensures that women’s voices are heard, their concerns addressed and, their contribution to democracy maximized. We are the trusted voice for women and girls in Kenya and beyond.


We recognize that women’s empowerment is a pivotal driver of social change, yet the journey toward gender parity often proceeds at a measured pace.


At WOKN, we harness the media’s potent influence as a catalyst for change, endeavoring to amplify women’s voices, advocate for gender equality, and portray just and equitable representations of women in society. We strive to ensure that women’s voices are not only heard but also acted upon, with their concerns addressed and their invaluable contributions to democracy fully realized.

Our Diverse Portfolio:

WOKN is at the forefront of gender equality media coverage in Kenya and extends its influence to a global scale. Our extensive portfolio reflects our unwavering dedication to the cause:


Top 20 Most Influential Women in Kenya Awards: We take pride in founding and sponsoring this prestigious awards program, which celebrates the noteworthy accomplishments of Women You Need to Know from diverse spheres of society.


Woman Exclusive Mentorship Program: Our commitment to mentorship is embodied in this program, which nurtures emerging talent and facilitates their growth as future leaders.


Her Standards TV Talk Show: Our talk show is a platform for high-impact gender stories, shining a spotlight on success narratives, and sparking thoughtful dialogues. We profile women trailblazers who have significantly impacted their communities, encompassing Change Makers, Decision-makers, and News breakers.


Women You Should Know: As publishers of this remarkable initiative, we continue to champion the stories of remarkable women, emphasizing their importance and contributions to society.


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