Congestina Achieng and Carol Radull. PHOTO[COURTESY]

On a recent visit on January 2nd, sports journalist Carol Radull paid a visit to former Boxing Champion Congestina Achieng in Yala. Achieng, who has been residing in her hometown.

Upon arrival, Radull found Achieng going through a particularly challenging day. However, the atmosphere brightened as the two friends engaged in a lengthy conversation. Using her layman’s perspective, Radull gently encouraged Achieng to “clean up her act,” highlighting the ongoing struggle the former boxing champion faced.

Despite numerous attempts from various quarters to assist, a lasting solution to Achieng’s predicament remains elusive. Radul acknowledged the limitations of her capabilities in this regard.

Undeterred, Radul expressed her commitment to being supportive of Achieng. She plans to continue visiting when possible and stay in touch with Achieng’s family by calling her mother occasionally. Radul also encourages others in the Yala area to drop in and offer support, suggesting a simple act of kindness such as shopping for Achieng’s mother, who looks after her.