Cassie Ventura

Cassie Venture: PHOTO, COURTESY

Cassandra Ventura ‘Cassie’ has spoken out for the first time after a 2016 video depicting her being physically abused by her ex Sean “Diddy” Combs went viral. 

On Thursday May 23, morning, Cassie broke her silence sharing a statement on her Instagram page, she wrote, 

“My only ask is that EVERYONE open your heart to believing victims the first time.”

In her statement on Instagram, Cassie expressed her thanks for the support she received from her close ones. She wrote, 

 “for all of the love and support from my family, friends, strangers and those I have yet to meet.”

Cassie shared that the love she received created a place for her younger self to settle and also feel safe. 

“But this is only the beginning,” Venture wrote. “Domestic Violence is THE issue. It broke me down to someone I never thought I would become. With a lot of hard work, I am better today, but I will always be recovering from the past.”

“This healing journey is never ending, but this support means everything to me,” she also said. “Thank you.”

Cassandra made allegations against Sean Combs last November with claims that the music mogul raped her and sex trafficked her in the course of an abusive ten years. 

In a statement she said, “After years in silence and darkness, I am finally ready to tell my story, and to speak up on behalf of myself and for the benefit of other women who face violence and abuse in their relationships.” “With the expiration of New York’s Adult Survivors Act fast approaching, it became clear that this was an opportunity to speak up about the trauma I have experienced and that I will be recovering from for the rest of my life.” She added.

Diddy however denied the allegations his attorney called them “offensive and outrageous.” Diddy spoke about Ventura’s claims saying, 

“ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. For the last couple of weeks, I have sat silently and watched people try to assassinate my character, destroy my reputation and my legacy,” he wrote in the statement, which was obtained by PEOPLE. “Sickening allegations have been made against me by individuals looking for a quick payday.”

Diddy later changed his tune after CNN shared a surveillance video on May 17 showing him throwing things and kicking Venture while she tried to leave a hotel room while he was sleeping. In a statement via Instagram, Combs said, 

“It’s so difficult to reflect on the darkest times in your life.Sometimes you gotta do that. I was f—ed up. I mean I hit rock bottom but I make no excuses. My behavior on that video is inexcusable.”

“I take full responsibility for my actions in that video.” 

In her statement, Ventura acknowledged receiving backlash after filing her suit. She asked everyone to open their hearts and believe victims of physical assault asserting that it takes a lot of heart to pour out the truth in such a situation. 

“My only ask is that EVERYONE open your heart to believing victims the first time. It takes a lot of heart to tell the truth out of a situation that you were powerless in.”

Cassie also spoke out to other victims of abuse, offering them a hand and  advising them to reach out to close people instead of cutting them off. 

“I offer my hand to those that are still living in fear. Reach out to your people, don’t cut them off. No one should carry this weight alone.”