CS Aisha Jumwa and women delegates launches Gender Constituency. [PHOTO: COURTESY]

Kenya’s Cabinet Secretary for Public Service, Affirmative Action, and Gender Hon. Aisha Jumwa Karisa Katana, and women delegates from across the continent, congregated at a Nairobi hotel, Sunday 3rd September ahead of the official opening of the summit to set the women’s agenda ahead of the climate. 

The CS emphasized the vital role of African women in addressing climate change during a pre-Africa Climate Summit workshop in Nairobi.

She acknowledged their resilience, knowledge, and leadership as indispensable in combating climate change. African women often bear the brunt of climate-related disasters, and Jumwa recognized their outstanding leadership in climate action.

During the workshop, she launched the African Women and Gender Constituency to amplify the voices of African women and gender-focused organizations in climate action. The Africa Climate Summit (ACS) will run from September 4-6 and aims to secure ambitious pledges from African leaders.

Africa faces severe climate challenges, including drought, desertification, cyclones, and displacement. The continent is disproportionately affected by rising temperatures and requires urgent action, including debt relief and increased liquidity, to respond effectively to the climate crisis.