Senator Crystal Asige. [PHOTO: COURTESY]

ODM Nominated Senator Crystal Asige has been awarded for advocating for increased recognition and inclusion of persons with disabilities in Kenya. A Swedish organization ForumCiv and the leading motor vehicle assembler, Isuzu East Africa recognized Asige on International Women’s Day. Bina Maseno and Roseline Orwa were also recognized for inspiring young women, women living with disabilities, widows, and women from all walks of life.  

The award focused on the senator’s leading and inspiring role as a young woman with a disability in leadership.  Since her nomination, Asige has sponsored three Bills, including the Persons with Disabilities Bill 2023, the Kenyan Sign Language Bill 2023, and the Startup Bill 2022.

Speaking at the award ceremonies, Asige said the recognition has motivated her to continue impacting Kenyans, especially women, and persons with disabilities.

“Resilience is crucial in any journey and anything important is worth waiting for. We, as women, have to remember it starts with us. If we don’t have the fuel and the fire that spurs us on, nobody around us will be persuaded by our push,” Senator Asige said.

The senator also recognized the power of the media in ensuring empowerment for women in the country by offering them a platform to voice their challenges and showcase their achievements to society, inspiring other women and girls to believe it is possible.

“As a Kenyan female senator, and the only Member of Parliament, with a visual disability, I believe in using the power of media to bring a lasting change in mindset. Through media, we can break down existing barriers and make positive changes in our society.”

Senator Asige continues to play a leading role in protecting women’s lives, having raised a notice of motion of adjournment on the increased killings of women and girls recently witnessed in the country on the floor of the Kenyan Senate and organizing for the same motion in the National Assembly, terming it as an urgent matter of national importance.

Speaking on Valentine’s Day, she called on all women in the country to wear black to mark the first Dark Valentine in Kenya, marked throughout the country with overnight vigils. She has also released a new song, Tattoo encouraging women to conceal their struggles with body art and soldier on.

Senator Crystal Asige, an award-winning musician, represents persons with disabilities and special interest groups in the parliament of the Republic of Kenya. She is also, a diversity equity and inclusion consultant, disability rights advocate, and inclusive mobility and transport practitioner.

She is a former Amnesty International Kenya board member, BBC-trained professional, published researcher, and blogger who graduated from the University of the West of England, Bristol.