Durga Nandini Co-founder and Chief Advisor at Nguvu Collective

Durga Nandini - Co-Founder and Chief Advisor Nguvu Collective.

Durga Nandini’s journey as a transformative leader and advocate for women’s empowerment is both inspiring and impactful. As the Co-founder and Chief Advisor at Nguvu Collective, a global women’s leadership organization based in Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa, Durga has dedicated her career to building digital campaigning and advocacy skills among women from marginalized communities.

Early Career and Inspirations

Before co-founding Nguvu Collective, Durga honed her skills and expertise in various significant roles. Her career began as a television journalist, where she developed a keen understanding of the power of storytelling and media in shaping public opinion and driving social change. This foundation in journalism provided her with the tools to communicate effectively and advocate passionately for causes she believes in.

Advocacy and Campaigning Expertise

Durga’s extensive experience spans renowned organizations like Amnesty International and Change.org. At these institutions, she focused on Communications, Campaigning, Advocacy, and Fundraising in the development sector. Her work at the Change.org Foundation was particularly impactful, as she led initiatives to build digital campaigning and advocacy skills among women. This role allowed her to witness firsthand the potential of women from marginalized communities to drive significant social change when provided with the right tools and support.

Founding Nguvu Collective

The inception of Nguvu Collective was a natural progression of Durga’s passion for empowering women. Alongside Preethi Herman, Durga co-founded the organization with a vision to create an enabling environment for women to learn, share, connect, and lead impactful campaigns. Under her guidance, Nguvu Collective has grown into a powerhouse of advocacy, supporting women leaders in transforming their communities across Africa.

Balancing Professional and Personal Life

Durga’s commitment to her work is paralleled by her dedication to her family. She is a mother to a very talkative 8-year-old girl, who shares her passion for rescuing street animals. This unique aspect of Durga’s life showcases her compassionate nature and her ability to balance a demanding career with personal commitments. Her daughter often accompanies her on animal rescue missions, highlighting a shared bond and a mutual love for advocacy and care.

Legacy and Future Aspirations

Durga’s work with Nguvu Collective is just the beginning of her broader vision for social change. She aims to empower 1,000 women leaders from marginalized communities across Africa, equipping them with the skills and confidence to drive social impact. Through her efforts, she hopes to inspire future generations of women to step into leadership roles and advocate for issues that matter most to them.