Nominated Senator Gloria Orwoba. [PHOTO: COURTESY]

Senator Gloria Orwoba, a Menstrual Hygiene Ambassador and advocate for women’s rights, has spoken in response to her recent suspension from Kenya’s Senate for a period of six months.

She clarified the circumstances surrounding her suspension and shed light on her continued commitment to addressing critical concerns within the Senate.

The senator highlighted her year-long efforts to bring forward significant issues within the Senate, including concerns related to office allocation, interference with her participation in the UN Human Rights Council session, media censorship, and allegations of ethical impropriety.

“My actions were motivated by a genuine dedication to transparency, ethics, and the welfare of Kenyan citizens,” she said.

The suspension arose from charges brought against her by the Powers and Privileges Committee, citing alleged breaches of parliamentary privilege. The committee argued that her outspokenness on these issues could harm the reputation of Parliament and its members. Senator Orwoba sought a fair hearing through legal channels but continued to face challenges.

Recently, Orwoba requested the Senate to disclose travel expenses for senators and staff members, an action that sparked concern among high-ranking officials in Parliament. Subsequently, a motion to suspend her was reintroduced and passed while she was absent, attending an engagement at the Clinton Global Initiative in New York.

Senator Orwoba emphasizes that the matter is now in court, progressing through the legal process. Despite the challenges she faces, she remains optimistic about the future and reiterates her unwavering commitment to combatting corruption, advocating for women’s rights, transparent governance, and the well-being of all Kenyan citizens.