Are you a feminist?

You bet I am! Feminism is necessary! Feminism has taught me a lot including the importance of female friendships and that we are in fact not our worst enemies.

Women all over the world are doing amazingly well. I believe we have reasons to be angry especially with the treatment we get in the streets, home and work spaces.

Feminism gives us options and it helps us analyse our choices. It is about accepting the full humanity of other beings and I think that as women we tend to forget that we are human as well.

Roxanne Gay a woman who inspires me says that we don’t all have to believe in the same feminism; as long as we respect the different feminisms we carry with us.

What would you tell less confident women?

You lose more when you are quiet than when you speak. Do not be afraid to be heard.

Breaking Through the Glass, what inspired this idea?

It was born out of frustrations from too many precautions. So I started a blog. At first it was just a conversation starter to express my feelings about different things; but with time, I realised that we share similar challenges.

What is the response?

Overwhelming. I have received a lot of support and met amazing women as well.

You hold regular events dubbed Safe Spaces; what exactly happens in these spaces?

Safe Spaces is part of Breaking Through the Glass. This is how it began. Writing about my experiences and those of other women is amazing but I needed to connect with these women in real life, real time. I felt this would create more impact because people would ask me for help which I wasn’t able to offer. Having Safe spaces forums is my way of connecting people to professionals. Safe Spaces is a feminist space that amplifies voices and issues of young women.

Do you think the impact of Safe Spaces is being felt?

I believe it is. I started with at least 20 people but it is growing by the day. I get tonnes of messages, emails and questions on rape, assault and gender-based violence. I am not an expert and safe spaces is a way of ensuring that the victims get help.

Where do you find these professionals?

Many of them are specialists who share in my vision and want to help.

It has not been easy because these meetings are free of charge. Since its inception I have been sending a lot of proposals to people who share in this mission of empowering women. The first event was an eye opener because I got a lot of contacts.

Any key learnings so far?

You have to keep pushing. Remember why you are doing what you are doing in the first place; eventually things fall into place. It may sound cliché but it is something that I have learnt through this process. The greatest of all lessons is believe in women and support them to grow.

Where do you see yourself in next five years?

My dreams are big and valid. Breaking Through the Glass is an umbrella that gave birth to Safe Spaces and I hope it will bring forth more ideas. I hope that my projects will be big enough to cater to women outside Nairobi. I want to make women empowerment my full-time commitment.