Durga Nandini Co-founder and Chief Advisor at Nguvu Collective

Durga Nandini - Co-Founder and Chief Advisor Nguvu Collective.

In a world where leadership opportunities often overlook marginalized communities, Nguvu Collective emerges as a beacon of hope and empowerment. Based in Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa, this dynamic organization is revolutionizing how emerging women leaders from marginalized communities create deep social impact. Through advocacy, transformational leadership training, and extensive campaign support, Nguvu Collective is crafting a new narrative for social change.

Mission and Vision: Empowering Women, Transforming Communities

Nguvu Collective’s mission is to create an enabling environment for women to learn, share, connect, and run impactful campaigns on issues that matter most to them. This environment not only fosters change but also transforms communities. “We have an ambition to get 1,000 women leaders from marginalized communities across Africa to become strong and powerful social leaders – driving impact and inspiring many other girls to follow suit,” says Durga Nandini, Co-founder and Chief Advisor at Nguvu Collective.

The Inspiration Behind Nguvu Collective

The journey of Nguvu Collective began when its founders, Preethi Herman and Durga Nandini, noticed a compelling trend while leading the Change.org Foundation. Women, despite starting fewer campaigns than men, were more likely to succeed due to their commitment, community-building skills, and strong personal experiences. This observation sparked the creation of a women’s leadership program called She Creates Change, which later evolved into the independent entity known today as Nguvu Collective. This model has already shown incredible impact, particularly in Asia, and is now set to inspire similar successes across Africa.

Identifying and Supporting Change Leader

Nguvu Collective employs a robust recruitment process to identify and support Change Leaders. Candidates are nominated by ecosystem partners, apply directly through calls for applications, or are scouted by campaign specialists via social media. The selection process involves understanding the candidates’ backgrounds, motivations, and commitment to social change. Once selected, Change Leaders receive unwavering support for their advocacy efforts, focusing on long-term, positive impacts.

Training and Campaign Support

The support provided by Nguvu Collective is both comprehensive and tailored to the needs of its Change Leaders. The training covers a range of essential skills, including building a personal story, launching advocacy campaigns, engaging with media, and community organizing. These elements are crucial in empowering women from marginalized communities to tell their stories effectively and sustain their advocacy journeys.

Success Stories: Creating Real Impact

Several inspiring campaigns have emerged from Nguvu Collective’s efforts. For instance, Deborah Monari’s campaign against increased charges for essential family planning services in Nairobi led to significant policy changes, making these services more accessible. Similarly, Valerie Aura’s advocacy for safe houses in Kisumu has led to increased awareness and policy commitments to establish safe shelters for survivors of gender-based violence.

Overcoming Challenges and Measuring Success

Despite being in its nascent stages, Nguvu Collective is making significant strides. The organization faces typical startup challenges like resourcing and sustainability, but leverages partnerships to navigate these hurdles. Impact is measured through the progress of Change Leaders’ campaigns, media coverage, public mobilization, and policy changes.

A Vision for the Future

“Nguvu” means “Power” in Swahili, symbolizing the organization’s tribute to women’s power. The long-term vision of Nguvu Collective is to support 1,000 women leaders from marginalized communities across Africa, helping them become strong social leaders. This vision includes robust training, campaign support, and collective building, ensuring sustained action and impact.

Join the Movement

Nguvu Collective’s message to potential supporters and partners is clear: “We embrace partnerships with open arms. They are our biggest strength.” If you are driven to support or join this transformative journey, connect with Nguvu Collective via LinkedIn and X @nguvucollective, or email them at Kenya@nguvucollective.org.

For more information about their training programs and how to get involved, visit [Nguvu Collective’s website](https://www.nguvucollective.org).

By empowering women from marginalized communities, Nguvu Collective is not just creating leaders but is also paving the way for a more equitable society. Join them in this journey of transformation and empowerment.