Joy Wanja Muraya

Joy Wanja Muraya

Joy Wanja Muraya is the brains behind Wanja’s Health Diary, the digital home of important health stories narrated in a personal manner with journalistic flair and laced with expert insight.

“The goal is to make health journalism interesting and accessible,” she writes.

She is an award-winning health and medicine journalist with over ten years of hands-on newsroom experience inside Kenya’s biggest media house, the Nation Media Group Limited, and also inside Kenya’s oldest media house, The Standard Group PLC

She also worked as the Health and Medicine editor for The Conversation Africa and is passionate about health journalism.

She has expertise in health journalism training, health policy advocacy and health communications with a deep understanding of health issues and extensive relevant networks in global health circles.

In the course of her career she has interviewed Nobel laureate Tim Hunt; celebrity philanthropist Melinda Gates, Dr Ameenah Gurib-Fakim the President of Mauritius, hundreds of doctors and medical researchers, and thousands of ordinary people.

She has shared their joy; known their pain and continues to tell stories that influence policy and change lives.

Wanja holds a Master of Public Health degree, speaks six languages: English, French, Japanese, Chinese, Swahili and Kikuyu and has skills in Kenya Sign Language.

She sits on the board of the Kenya Haemophilia Association and the Kenya Cancer Childhood Trust. In her free time, she tries to live a healthy life (style) in the outdoors through hiking new terrains. She is an exclusive breastfeeding champion, mother to two daughters and a wife.

Do you have an important health story that you would like Wanja to share, or an important health agenda that you want her to follow? Please get in touch on email or +254788260855.