Dr. Anuradha Khoda, thought leader and personal development coach.

Dr. Anuradha Khoda, thought leader and personal development coach. PHOTO [COURTESY]

Early Inspirations and Career Beginnings

Dr. Anuradha Khoda’s career spans over three decades. Her passion has always been to unlock the best in individuals. Initially, she served as the Director of IT and E-learning at high schools. This role gave her insight into the gap between professional development and personal growth. Realizing the need for balance, she embarked on a journey to focus on personal development, self-care, and discovering one’s true calling.

Bridging Self-Help and Technology

In her book, The Power of Purpose: A Guide to Finding Your Life’s Mission, Dr. Khoda emphasizes the intersection of self-help wisdom and technological advancements. She believes that understanding one’s purpose is the foundation of personal growth. Her subsequent book, The Thought Leader’s Code: A Five-Step Blueprint, offers a roadmap to becoming an expert in a chosen niche, highlighting the role of technology in establishing authority in today’s crowded marketplace.

A Transformative Experience

Dr. Khoda’s upbringing in a disciplinarian family, with parents who taught in India, Kenya, and Hong Kong, instilled strong values in her. Despite excelling academically, she found that being meek and quiet hindered her career growth. This led her to develop social skills. As a teacher, she noticed that students labeled as slow learners had unique talents that were often overlooked. This realization was a turning point, inspiring her mission to harness individual potential.

Effective Tools for Self-Empowerment

In the digital age, technology plays a dual role. It allows introverts to shine through remote work but can also lead to social isolation and mental health issues. Dr. Khoda views technology as a tool that, when used wisely, can enhance self-empowerment. However, misuse can be detrimental.

Overcoming Professional Barriers

Dr. Khoda identifies common barriers to professional growth, especially for women who often prioritize family over personal growth. She helps women rediscover their purpose once their children are grown. For men, the barrier often lies in career misalignment with passion and core values. Dr. Khoda emphasizes that professional growth is secondary to inner fulfillment and self-care.

Balancing Entrepreneurship and Personal Development

Dr. Khoda advises aspiring entrepreneurs to first become complete individuals. Clear life purposes, aligned with core values, are crucial for success. She believes that personal development should precede entrepreneurial endeavors.

Staying Resilient Amidst Challenges

Faith in a higher power, resilience, and patience are key principles for Dr. Khoda. She has faced numerous challenges but believes that a higher plan guides her life. Practicing this principle daily helps her remain steadfast.

The Importance of Continuous Learning

Dr. Khoda stresses the importance of continuous learning. She utilizes the internet, social media, and AI to stay updated. Her zest for learning, whether as a teacher or student, fuels her growth. She encourages everyone to adopt this lifelong learning mantra.

An Actionable Step from ‘The Power of Purpose’

Dr. Khoda recommends silencing the mind as a first step towards discovering one’s purpose. Sitting in silence enables self-reflection, helping individuals gain clarity on their goals and recognize self-created obstacles. This practice improves focus and sets the stage for success.

A Guiding Quote

Dr. Khoda lives by the quote, “I am the creation of the higher being. So, why am I working hard to create a new life which may not be in the grand plan? Accept your today, live in the moment and take the step forward with all determination because you have a strong hand supporting you.”

This philosophy underscores her belief in the importance of living in the moment and trusting in a higher power’s plan.