Justice Grace Nzioka. [PHOTO: COURTESY]

Justice Grace Nzioka recently delivered a notable judgment in the murder case of businesswoman Monica Kimani, where Jacque Maribe was acquitted, and Jowie was found guilty. Here are a few things you should know about her.

  1. Justice Nzioka received praise for her eloquent and composed delivery during the court proceedings, earning admiration from Kenyans online.
  2. In 2013, she was a victim of a robbery incident at her Karen home in Nairobi, where she and her husband were carjacked, kidnapped, and later abandoned after being forced to withdraw money.
  3. Justice Nzioka has been involved in high-profile cases, including the Ksh1.5 billion case with former Cabinet Secretary Raphael Tuju, from which she recused herself.
  4. Justice Nzioka advocates for the rights of the disadvantaged and, in November 2023, called for a child protection unit to address the backlog of minor cases at Naivasha Police Station.
  5. During her career, she chaired a commission investigating the Tana River clashes that claimed over 160 lives and displaced thousands.
  6. In her recent judgment, she emphasized her meticulous analysis of submissions and evidence, expressing confidence in reading the judgment for six hours without a paper at hand.