Rose Poka

Rose Poka

Rose Poka has been appointed as an Emerging Leader representative to sit on the International Council of the Duke of Edinburgh International Award Association. Poka, 25, was among the eight International Award (Intaward) Alumni elected by their peers to sit to the International Council (IC) and represent the voice of young people across the Association.

The newly elected Emerging Leaders included Potter Ka Kai Fong and Emily Milton Smith (Asia Pacific), Aybuke Caliskan and Eliska Krizova (EMAS), Rose Poka and Peniel Boye (Africa), and Brianna Simmons and Chauntae Martine (Americas) who will sit in the IC for a period of three years.

Rose, a Gold Award Holder and Volunteer of the President’s Award-Kenya (PA-K) said she will use the opportunity to bring the youth perspective to the International Council deliberations and be the voice of the young people in Africa and the World.

“I appreciate all my peers in the Award who elected me as the Emerging Leader Representative for Africa Region. I appreciate every effort towards this; preparing the documents and video, the endorsements, the prayers, the encouragement to keep going, the votes and the belief in me, just to mention but a few,” she said.

Rose graduated from Egerton University, in July 2022 with a Bachelors degree in Education. She is grateful to the Duke of Edinburgh International Award and the Global Alumni Network for ensuring that young people are on the decision making table.

The IC is chaired by the Chairman of the International Award His Royal Highness (HRH) The Earl of Wessex Prince Edward where they discuss issues that help Trustees to make decisions that influence the course of the Award globally.

They also Supervise the operational functions of the International Award Foundation (IAF), discuss and approve the agenda and arrangements for the global forum of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Association and act on behalf of the International Award Association (IAA) between forum meetings. Additionally, they ensure that decisions made at the forum are put into action and accept qualified National Award Operators (NAOs) into provisional membership of the IAA.

 “I look forward to bringing the youth perspective to the International Council deliberations, representing the young people in Africa and the World.

Rose appreciated PA-K for setting the foundation and according her the chance to be who she is today. Other than being a participant in the Award programme, Rose has volunteered with PA-K since 2016.

“Apart from volunteering for the Award, I have gained a lot of knowledge, grown my networks through interactions and gained confidence in trying out projects I did not have the platform to learn from. If there is anything the Award proves every day is that each one of us has infinite potential,” she said.

 “It is an honour to get this opportunity to represent young people, and more importantly on such a key platform where decisions that influence empowerment of young people are made.  I look forward to bringing the youth perspective to the International Council deliberations, representing the young people in Africa and the World,’’ said Rose.

PA-K Chief Executive Officer Ms. Nellie Munala congratulated Rose on her election urging young people to utilize the space to confirm their central role in developing their communities and countries as a whole.

 “I have seen Rose grow through her engagement with the Award and in turn it has given her the opportunity to support her community and beyond. Having a representative to the council from Kenya means that her exemplary contribution to the work of the Award will come to the fore,” she said.

Ms. Munala said as a champion for non-formal education, the PA-K presents a learning framework through which the youth’s achievements outside academia are recognized and celebrated. She urged the youth to grab the opportunity and participate in the Award programme in order for them to realise their infinite potential.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is the world’s leading youth achievement award founded by HRH, the late Prince Phillip in 1956 to equip young people for life. The Award is available for all young people aged 14 to 24, regardless of their background, culture, physical ability, skills and interests. It is a fully inclusive program and has no social, political, or religious affiliations.

In Kenya, the Award was introduced in 1966 with Kenya’s first president the Late Mzee Jomo Kenyatta becoming its first Patron and chief trustee. The Award has over the years extended its reach impacting the lives of over 121,000 young people in over 1,000 schools, Universities, Middle level Colleges, Youth groups, rehabilitation centres and open Award Centres across the country.

About The President’s Award- Kenya PA-K

The President’s Award- Kenya PA-K, which was launched in Kenya in 1966, is a member of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award which oversees the Award Programme in over 140 countries. The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award was founded by His Royal Highness (HRH), The Duke of Edinburgh KG, KT in 1956, in conjunction with Kurt Hahn, a German educationalist and Sir John Hunt.

PA-K is an Agency established by an Act of Parliament, President’s Award Act No. 30 of 2017. It is an exciting self-development programme available to all young people countrywide equipping them with positive life skills to make a difference for themselves, their communities, country and the world.                 

PA-K is a non-formal education and learning framework through which young people’s achievements outside of academia are recognized and celebrated. The young people engaged are between the ages of fourteen (14) to twenty-four (24) years. The main aim is to equip young people for life by encouraging them to acquire universal skills to help them thrive. The universal skills are achieved through engagement in activities that include getting physically active, volunteering within their communities, and discovering a sense of adventure outside the classroom.