Pivoting in Heels at the Norfolk, Fairmont Hotel. [PHOTO: WKN]

The Pivoting In Heels event, held on September 2nd, 2023, at the Fairmont The Norfolk, was a remarkable gathering curated for female CEOs, founders, and directors, providing an invaluable platform for inspiration and networking.

Distinguished speakers graced the occasion, including luminaries such as Jane Karuku, the CEO of EABL; Coach Vuyanzi, a certified life coach; Joy Mdivo, the Executive Director of the East Africa Centre of Law and Justice; Carole Mandi, the host, and Founder CEO of Pivoting In Heels; Yvette Ondachi, the Regional Director at Sinapis.

“The love you give always comes back. Give it in big portions and it will come back in the same measure. Seek your confidence from wherever you are. Self-confidence is the hardest part of our life,” said Jane Karuku the CEO, of East African Breweries Limited, commonly referred to as EABL. “Stop talking yourself out of your dreams. Ensure the choice of your company is supportive of your life dreams. Stay away from bubble bursters,” she added.

Also in attendance was Mercy Wanjau, serving as the Secretary to the Cabinet; Solomon Wangwe, the Managing Director of Grand Acres LTD; Dr. Amakove Wala, an accomplished entrepreneur, and health systems expert; Dr. Susan Onyancha, famously known as Madam President and CEO of BF SUMA; and Agnes Gathaiya, the Country Director of Google East Africa.

“I walk naked so that other people can be clothed. The hate on social media mostly comes from a space of hatred. Hurt people hurt others. And they project their hurt on other people as their small way to feel better. Do not fall for their trap. They can abuse and insult me as they wish. It’s not what they call me, it’s what I respond to,” said Dr. Amakove Wala, Founder of Wanderlust Diaries, Ltd.

The central theme that resonated throughout the event was “Winning in Private,” encapsulating the shared ambition to empower women in leadership roles. The attendees embraced the dress code of white and/or fuschia, creating a visually captivating ambiance.

The event’s success was further bolstered by esteemed partners; Truelove, Carol Mandi MEDIA, BF SUMA, IKOJN, GREENE, and Luxe & Allure EVENTS.