Did you know that an average woman spends about 10 years of her lifetime menstruating? That’s a lot of periods. However, for majority of them, that time of the month comes with stress, anxiety, discomfort and intense pain. Whereas period experiences differ from one person to the next, many women simply wish for one thing: Happy periods.

Going by customer reviews, Shuya Sanitary Pads is a sure guarantee that your time of the month can be a little easier, more manageable and even enjoyable.

“Ever since I discovered Shuya line of pads, I totally switched and never looked back. All of my period problems seem to disappear – at least the ones related to the pads. No more leaking, no more overflow and no more wetness discomfort,” says Valentine, a regular user of the sanitary towels.

“Shuya Pads have solved all these problems! They absorb way more than you can even imagine and they don’t stick on you while wearing them, and I can confidently wear them at work or out in public and not have to worry about ‘red stains’ on my behind!! These pads are awesome, and if you’ve never tried them before, I highly recommend them!”

Valentine is not the only happy client, another satisfied customer based in Nairobi says her period worries are gone thanks to Shuya Pads.

“Since I discovered Shuya, I never want to miss them in the supermarket where I shop. I had very painful cramps but now the pains have subsided. While travelling with periods, I don’t have to worry anymore,” she said.

“I tried different brands but each was worse than the other. But ever since I started using Shuya, I never thought I would sleep without checking my bedsheets. I sleep like a baby. Good riddance to stains, it is almost unbelievable,” said the other happy client who has used Shuya pads and panty liners for over two years.

Shuya is very comfortable and comes with a dry feeling, adds the client who is fascinated by the minty freshness.

“You forget you are in your red days. I enjoy the freshness; no more infections, milder cramps and at some point in the day, I completely stop cramping and my favourite is the minty freshness. It’s like the pad is giving me, the ‘I’ve got you’ nod, like you’d give your bestie,” she told Woman Kenya.

The mint comes with a calming, fresh and relaxing vibe, she explains.

“I even first lay down to feel the mint properly. I’m grateful. If you see me use anything else, please slap me in the back. They are so comfortable. No burning sensation or the itching. They are absorbent and

don’t leak. No odors and the feel of mint is so heavenly. And the packaging is also attractive,” Shuya regular customer added.

Elsewhere, another user’s discomfort is completely gone.

“I have been having issues with different pads. I had lots of rushes until a friend recommended Shuya anion pads and panty liners. I have never regretted anything,” she told Woman Kenya.

What makes Shuya Pads unique?

Shuya Pads are organic sanitary pads made of natural materials that are very friendly to the skin and designed according to the flow. Additionally, they contain an anion strip that has numerous health benefits such as improving immunity, killing harmful bacteria and maintaining clean and comfortable plate. Shuya Pads accelerates oxygen circulation between private parts and outside area and has won good names like ‘vitamin of the air’ and ‘longevity element.’

The pads also have anti-bacterial capability, relieve tension, reduces irritation, removes bad odour and improve endocrine and enhances metabolism.

What shapes and sizes are available for Shuya Pads?

Shuya manufactures Shuya Panty Liners 155mm, Shuya Light Day use 245mm, Shuya Day/Night use 285mm, Shuya Night use 330mm and Shuya Ultra Long 410mm which is also recommended for maternity. Shuya does not manufacture tampons.

Are the pads ideal for maternity use and for teens?

Shuya ultra-long 410mm is designed for maternity use. The pad is highly absorbent and very comfortable for nursing mothers. For teenagers and people with light flow, we highly recommend Shuya Light Day use 245mm because it is small comfortable.

I experience very heavy flow, is Shuya Pads still ideal for me?

For heavy flow, we recommend 330mm or the super long 410mm Shuya Sanitary pads.

Can Shuya Pads cure painful periods?

Continued use of Shuya Pads improves endocrine and enhances metabolism thus reducing the pain associated with periods.

Where can I buy Shuya Pads in Kenya?

Shuya is listed in over 50 physical supermarket outlets such as Foodplus, Cleanshelf, Budget Supermarkets and Mulleys. You can order Shuya Online from Kasha Kenya and Jumia. We are at an advanced stage to have it on Glovo.

Who is the franchise owner and main supplier of Shuya Napkin Pads in Kenya?

Shuya Pads is supplied by Emitrican Enterprises Ltd whose proprietor is Emily Wanja Njeru. Her main business partner is Kasha Kenya, a leading Online markeplace for feminine health and beauty products in Kenya.

How much does one pack of Shuya Pads cost?

Our recommended retail price for Supermarkets is Sh155 for the sanitary pads and Sh170 for the panty liners.

Is it safe to switch from my regular sanitary towel to Shuya Pads?

Yes, it is safe to switch to Shuya products because they are made of natural materials and thus do not have the side effects associated with synthetic materials.

Should I stock up my pads for a year instead of buying every month?

The shelf date for Shuya products is usually two years from the date of manufacture and the expiry dates are printed on the product.

How often should I change my Shuya Pads?

Its recommended that you change sanitary pads after every four hours.

Can prolonged use of Shuya products affect my sexual reproductive health?

Yes, the anion strip balances the pH in the vagina thus improving sexual satisfaction.

How can I know that my Shuya Pads is not counterfeit?

All the products are ISO certified and each packer contains a free vaginal test kit

Can I do business with Shuya Pads?

Please contact Emitrican Enterprises Ltd marketing office via or contact Kasha Kenya via for more details.