Susan Kaittany, one-fifth of the much-hyped Real Housewives of Kenya, has hit the limelight again. The other four ‘housewives’ are businesswoman Vera Sidika, Sonal Maherali, a luxury influencer, fashion collector, and entrepreneur, Actress Minne Kariuki, and Lisa Christoffersen an interior designer, author, business owner, rally driver, and luxury safari curator.  

For Susan, a trained lawyer, being in the limelight is not a new thing. In 2005 she became Miss Earth as a teenager and since then, her stardom has been unstoppable. Currently, she is one of Kenya’s leading, youngest Beauty-preneurs, CEO of Posh Palace, Polish cosmetics, and Polished by the Posh Palace.

Speaking on Her Standards, Kaittany said hard work and humility have put her ahead of the game.

“Women get judged a lot. How we should be, how you should behave yet, the people who judge you don’t know you. The truth is women can be everything but you probably have to work five times harder,” she told Queenter Mbori, TV host of Her Standards.

Coming from a humble background, Susan learned business apprenticeship from her mother, a former teacher. Mother and daughter have sold everything in and out of Nairobi including popcorn and crips.

“There’s no shame in being an entrepreneur. You are a literal beggar,” she said adding, “I have begged, but once you know the customer is the boss, you lay low.”

Susan urges women to be their own cheerleaders. “Don’t expect claps at the start of your business because it is a very lonely journey. You really have to be determined, ignore the haters, and march forward.” 

To young women getting into the business – Start already. “All you need is a dream, resilience, and grit,” said Susan, Woman of Impact Award 2019 winner, Women in Business Kenya Awards.

The first episode of ‘Real House Wives of Nairobi’ (RHO Nairobi) officially airs on 23, February 2023 on Showmax.