Partners for Care, founded by Connie Cheren in 2007, has been on a mission to transform lives in Kenya. From providing safe water to empowering communities through education and healthcare, their impact resonates across the nation.

Water Backpacks

With the distribution of over 50,000 water backpacks, Partners for Care ensures access to safe water, thereby combating waterborne diseases and enhancing community health. Their goal of placing a water backpack in every classroom in Kenya underscores their commitment to sustainable solutions.

Mobility Carts

Teaming up with Mobility Worldwide, Partners for Care has given over 3000 mobility carts to disabled individuals, granting them dignity and independence. These carts not only ease mobility but also symbolize inclusivity and compassion.

Computer Schools

Through 26 computer schools and 600 computers, Partners for Care is bridging the digital divide in Kenya. By equipping individuals with computer skills, they are opening doors to employment and economic independence, with over 5179 graduates already benefiting.

Bed Nets

In the fight against malaria, Partners for Care distributes bed nets, protecting thousands of children from this deadly disease. Their comprehensive approach includes education on proper usage and maintenance, ensuring prolonged effectiveness.

Kathi’s House

Kathi’s House provides a nurturing environment for children orphaned by HIV/AIDS, offering not just shelter but also love, education, and spiritual guidance. It’s a beacon of hope, restoring dignity and dreams to vulnerable children.

Medical Support

Partners for Care extends healthcare services to the marginalized, addressing their medical needs through partnerships and innovative programs such as the Circle of Health. By making healthcare accessible and affordable, they’re safeguarding lives and promoting well-being.

Sewing Schools

Empowering women through vocational training, Partners for Care’s sewing schools enable graduates to become self-sufficient entrepreneurs. With 90% of graduates self-employed, these schools are breaking the cycle of poverty and fostering economic independence.

Kilifi Outreach Program

The outreach efforts in Kilifi County exemplify Partners for Care’s dedication to reaching the most marginalized communities. From education to healthcare, their holistic approach is bringing about lasting change and spreading smiles.


Partners for Care’s success is fueled by collaborations with organizations such as MedShare and universities like Zetech University. These partnerships amplify their impact and pave the way for innovative solutions to complex challenges.

Challenges and Solutions

Despite facing challenges like understaffing and sustainability issues, Partners for Care has navigated through by developing robust sustainability programs. Through adaptability and resilience, they continue to overcome obstacles and drive positive change.

Conclusively, Partners for Care’s unwavering commitment to transforming lives in Kenya is evident through their multifaceted approach and impactful programs. As they navigate challenges and embrace sustainability, their legacy of compassion and empowerment shines bright, illuminating pathways to a brighter future for Kenya’s most vulnerable populations.