Women Empowerment Self-Development Workshop Speakers.

From birth, women are expected to do more and give more, sometimes forgetting their needs. The patriarchal system leads women to think that they are not good enough and often compels them to become more.

Warren Buffett says, “The best investment you can make is an investment in yourself. The more you learn, the more you’ll earn.”

Self-development is always within our reach and we can achieve it by mastering our purpose and our goals.

Woman Kenya Network, a trusted voice for women and girls has organized a conference to help you meet your next best version.

The self-development workshop seeks to inspire women to unlock their full potential and become more impactful in society. 

The event features an exceptional lineup of dynamic speakers who will cover multiple topics. These keynote speakers bring a wealth of knowledge, insights and expertise to the table aiming at enhancing your personal growth journey


Dr Zippora is a prominent figure in the fields of film, performing arts, and advocacy. As a lecturer at KCA University and a laureate of the French African Young Leaders Program, she is recognized for her expertise andaccomplishments. 

She is the founder of the Lake International Pan-African Film Festival and has played key roles in various cultural and educational initiatives in Kenya. Dr. Okoth is a respected judge and jury member for TV shows and film festivals, contributing to the development of talent and storytelling in Eastern Africa. 

With a focus on women’s issues, she has produced numerous award-winning films and theater productions, aiming to change the Kenyan narrative.  

Her commitment to creative arts is evident in her extensive body of work, including films like “Midlife Crisis”and “Silence,” as well as documentaries addressing social issues such as female genital mutilation (FGM). 

Dr. Okoth’s contributions to academia and the creative industry have earned her recognition and support through grants and publications.


Lambert is a seasoned psychologist boasting two decades of expertise in the field of mental health.He is a full-time practitioner catering to the needs of children, adolescents, and adults.

 Lambert employs third wave therapeutic techniques and psychotherapy. His approach focuses on unveiling patterns that influence clients’ lives negatively and assists them to develop personalized therapy toolkits.


Ingred is a multi-talented fashion entrepreneur, and a bold fashion statement. She transitioned from a successful modeling career to become a dynamic fashion entrepreneur. Founded the Blackdust modeling academy and Blackdust events, where she mentors aspiring models and produces captivating fashion shows.

She is the founder, Nilotika, a platform showcasing her creative prowess in designing ready-to-wear clothing forwomen. Founded and co-founded prominent fashion shows like the East Africa Fashion Week, Own the Runway charity fashion show, and The Jazz and Fashion Experience, fostering collaborative projects that showcase the fashion industry’s potential.


Amina is the Founder of Fab-u-las Living, a platform focusing on midlife changes like perimenopause and menopause, advocating for improved care for African women. Her interest in health began during her corporate career, leading her to become a certified fitness instructor and nutrition enthusiast. 

After her own challenging menopausal journey, Amina returned to empower women over 40 and 50. She also endeavors to gather representative data on menopausal experiences from African women, aiming to amplify their voices and experiences in a field dominated by Western perspectives.


 Dr. Catherine Kibuchi is a pioneering figure in marketing and strategy, deeply committed to empowering women and youth. Drawing from her diverse upbringing, she recognizes the importance of individual resilience, especially among marginalized groups. With expertise in consumer behavior, she advocates innovative solutions.

 Dr. Kibuchi’s personal journey,coupled with her belief in martial arts’ transformative power, fuels her mission to empower individuals. Through workshops and grassroots initiatives, she instills confidence and resilience, urging self-care and self-advocacy. 

She challenges societal norms, emphasizing women’s self-prioritization for meaningful change. Dr. Kibuchi’s leadership and compassion inspire others, envisioning a future where all can fulfill their potential.


 Practising clinical psychologist with experience spanning upto 9 years in the field of psychology. She is also a wellness therapist and a mindset coach.Currently, she heads the digital relations department at the Chiromo Hospital Group.

She is also the Psychologist in charge at AAR Hospital. Gathoni is passionate about mental health managemnt, trauma healing, diigital advocacy and awareness creation, in the push for promoting mental wellness within the community as well as mentorship.


Lona Abiero is a highly skilled martial arts instructor and athlete, renowned for her expertise in sports and self-defense. 

She’s achieved numerous accolades, including being a Unified Martial Arts world champion in 2019 and a four-time African champion from 2017 to 2021.

As a trainer, Lona focuses on instilling confidence, discipline, and resilience in her students, emphasizing mental strength alongside physical techniques. 

She’s also a freelance personal trainer and co-founder of Kaizen Martial Arts Kenya and Power Girl Africa, organizations dedicated to empowering women and girls through sports. 

Lona’s dedication to empowering others inspires individuals on their journey to mastery and self-discovery.

If you would like to be part of this exciting journey, join the Woman Kenya Network on Saturday, April 13, at 10:00 AM at Sufra Gardens, Westlands Nairobi. Buy tickets at Sh5,000 inclusive of food and drinks. Till Number: 8855740.